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Founded by Tom Rayburn, formerly of Capistrano USD in California, we are a software company that develops simple and reliable work order, facility use, and inspection software solutions for businesses of all sizes, specializing in K-12 schools.  We have decades of personal experience managing school maintenance, operations, and transportation.  Our practitioner-approach developed software to meet the unique needs of schools.  We share the very best practices of our colleagues and ourselves.  Our customers include many of the nation’s most renowned organizations including school districts, departments of education, colleges, cities, counties, non-profits, and corporations.

Our focus, since our inception in early 2002, has been providing solutions that increase productivity, automate processes, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

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Our Story

Why Use Login Logix?

Each of our products are designed to provide an advanced management system which ensures that even a brand new manager can step into a system that contains the best practices of his/her predecessors.  Being web-native allows us to evolve to meet new state requirements in real time, utilize the newest technology, and apply innovative best practices, to ensure you always have a path of continuous process improvement.

You can count on us to listen, to act, deliver value, exceed your expectations, and evolve with you.

Meet the Core Team

To build truly great products, you need to start with a team that understands the goals and the problems to solve. With the products vetted and in place for over 18 years now, we have just the right amount of everything to make great products and provide stellar knowledge-based support. We started in business in 2002 as EDU Business Solutions in downtown San Diego, then moved from San Diego in 2011 to Orange County, California where our development team is centered. Since inception, we have been focused on one goal – continuous process improvement with our members. As laws change and best practices evolve – so do we. Our ever growing innovation is to deliver the best design ideas and practices of the maintenance industry. When you see others use words like KPI’s or continuous process improvement – they likely looked to us for their inspiration. We are told this often as others thank us for our leadership!

Please take a moment to meet our leadership team to help understand why we are different from the rest and understand school maintenance like no others!

Niki Ito – Operations Support

Niki serves on the Executive Committee with over 25 years of experience in the California State University and California Community College systems. Niki provides guidance on customer needs and assists in the development and implementation of our company goals.

Niki’s professional background includes software testing, customer service, accounting, and payroll. Her frontline, in-the-trenches experience with educational business processes provides great insight to make our software user-friendly.

Niki graduated with a B.S. in Criminalistics from California State University, Long Beach.

Scott K. Mitchell – Chief Software Architect

Scott Mitchell is an innovator of web development and serves a pivotal role in American history for leading the advancement in developer communications before the word Google was part of our lexicon.  In 1998, Scott and 3 colleagues co-founded 4GuysFromRolla.com, which became the world’s largest developer destination for all things web-based.

Scott has authored over 10 advanced technical books, is a prolific writer for magazine articles, speaker, trainer, and has been recognized nationally in the area of programming and web development with Microsoft technologies.

Scott joined the team in 2006 and presently lives in San Diego with his wife, 2 children, and continues to write and evangelize for all things technology.  Scott’s personal blog can be found here (http://scottonwriting.net/ScottMitchell.asp).

Michael Patton – Manager, Customer Support Team

Mike serves on the Executive Committee and has conducted implementations throughout California having spoken to, or trained, over 30 Districts on use of Maintenance Login and Facilities Login.  Mike joined the company in 2014. Mike's unique skill set makes him an ideal candidate to assist your district in the implementation of these systems, and guide direction both from the technical and,often-overlooked, personnel side.

Mike worked for 14 years at the Capistrano Unified School District serving in the capacity of Director of Transportation and Executive Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation. Mike was responsible for multi-million dollar departmental budgets and served as a member of the district's negotiating team throughout his career at the district.

Mike spent 7 years as a business agent with Teamsters Local 952 representing public employee’s both at Capistrano Unified School District and the Orange County Transportation Authority. Mike has negotiated dozens of contracts and managed a variety of labor disputes including arbitrations, Labor Board complaints, and strikes.

Mike brings his unique skill set to Login Logix and has assisted many districts throughout California successfully implement our systems with a minimum of operational disruption. Mike understands the unique quality of public employees and how best to motivate them and create acceptance from both the employees and public.

Mike Patton lives in Lake Forest, California with his wife and son. He graduated from UCLA in 1988, completed course work for the California Department of Education Transportation Administration Certificate program – 2004, California Association of School Business Officials and Department of Education Chief Business Officer Academy – 2007, and Association of School Administrators Personnel Academy.

Tom Rayburn – Chief Operations Officer & General Manager

Tom Rayburn is an industry innovator.  Having received his management training in commercial banking, Tom took his technology leanings and created software for managing support center operations for Bank of America in the 1980’s, whilst serving as a regional manager in the branch support system.  That knowledge transferred perfectly to school business management.

Hired in 1998 at Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) by legendary M&O visionary Joe Dixon, Tom leveraged and applied his business experience to schools by introducing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and establishing a Strategic Master Plan for maintenance & operations; an unheard-of-thing in the 1990’s.  Under Dixon’s leadership, Tom began developing a vision for maintenance which they began sharing at the 2000 Annual Conference for the Coalition for Adequate School Housing in Sacramento.  It was a huge hit!  During his maintenance department management years, Tom also acted in the role of construction management.  Tom has conducted over $200 million in school modernization projects; utilizing the State School Facility Program combined with eRate and Federal School Modernization Bonds.

Tom was instrumental in conducting trainings statewide on use of the Emergency Repair Program after the state settled the revolutionary Williams Lawsuit.  The eRate program was an additional source of revenue for CUSD, and Tom was tasked with securing it since year-1 in 1999.  Tom oversaw the entire process from bid to project execution.  Funding amounts were between $2 million and $40 million per year through year 14, when version 2.0 reduced the funding methodology.

In 2002 Tom partnered with EDU Business Solutions to distribute software that he created to aid schools in managing their facility use; mimicking what he was creating at CUSD.  Additionally, Tom had created a program to manage the district print shop called Print Shop Pro.  By 2007, so many school districts were using the software that Tom left CUSD and joined EDU Business Solutions to devote himself full-time to the advancement of school maintenance departments.

Tom’s alma mater is Christian Heritage College and CSU Long Beach; additionally Tom has conducted workshops and spoken at programs throughout the United States including AIA, CASBO, CASH, CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, School Starters, Stanford University, and hundreds of regional maintenance and engineering related venues.  Tom served in a review capacity for the Collaborative for High Performance Schools' (CHPS) best practices maintenance manual and is a recipient of the Building Operator Certificate from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council.

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