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Maintenance Login

Maintenance Login is a maintenance management software solution that was created to an objectives- based business model.  The idea was to design the software to automatically reach departmental objectives by how it tracks work flow and classifies effort, manages equipment PM, and correlates that info into staffing models to increase productivity and reduce costs.

It was designed in collaboration with maintenance managers from numerous California school districts. Managing departmental productivity based on these key performance indicators (KPI’s) is also known as Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP) in California.  The best maintenance management system for K-12 school maintenance.

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Facilites Use - Facilitron

Facilitron is a web-based facility reservation management software system that allows you and your customers to create requests, view event calendars, and access data from any computer with Internet access. Facilitron makes managing facility usage easy, efficient, and profitable.

Civic Center Act compliant invoicing and reservation system that is great for schools.  Typically increases district reimbursements for use by 30%.  Automates the collection and accountability of outside use.  It is amazing to see the results!

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We're better for schools because we're desgined by them

Maintenance Login was designed originally, and steered currently, by school districts.  That mean the best practices of your neighbors are built-in, and our enhancements incorporate the very best of new technologies and better methods.

All our products are mobile friendly.

Whether paperless, or traditional work order tickets, our systems are designed by M&O practitioners who know maintenance.  Our district-designed reporting will meet your needs right from the get-go.  With a built-in staffing model, district-designed (by your peers) reports to manage productivity, we are a complete management system out of the box.


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