Facilitron® - Facility Use Management Software

Manage Facilities, Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs:

Facilitron is a web-based facilities management software solution that makes managing facility usage easy, efficient and profitable. It allows you and your customers to create requests, view event calendars and access data from any computer with Internet access.

Web Based

Because Facilitron is web based, you and your customers can create requests, view calendars, and access your data from any computer with Internet access. This also means that no servers are required and installation can happen in just a couple of weeks. We perform all upgrades instantly, along with routine database maintenance and backups. We serve as your personal IT department, allowing you to focus exclusively on doing the business of facilities management.

Online Request Form

Our facilities management software provides your customers with an online Facilities Use Request Form. This simple request process allows them to complete the application online, while simultaneously being apprised of your specific policies and procedures. The request is automatically entered into a database where it is easily approved, tracked, invoiced and reported. Through our facilities management software, you can upload images of each rental space and even create photo tours to assist the requestors in their facility selection process.

Automatic Availability Checking

At the time of the request, Facilities Login will automatically check availability of the requested facilities and prompt for new selections. Multiple approvers will be sent email notifications requesting approval for facility use. Approvers are redirected to a web form where the request may be approved with the click of a button. Communication is increased between the Site, the Facilities Management Department and the Requestor.

Automatic Assignments Of Services

Facilitron allows you to assign various services to a facility any time that facility is requested. Or, the facilities management software will apply services only when a facility is requested for certain durations. For example, if you want to require an A/V Tech to be on site any time that a sound system is rented, Facilities Login will automatically add the service and appropriate charge to the request. Or, if you want to add outdoor portable restrooms any time a particular soccer field is rented for more than two hours, Facilitron will also automatically add the appropriate services and charges. Our facilities management software will allow customers to get instant and accurate estimate, and you will have instantly available and accurate invoices.

Public/Private Calendar

If desired, school districts may display all public events on the calendar, while concealing details for events that should not be public knowledge. The calendar may be filtered by Property, Facility and Event Type.