Professional Services

We are school district operations professionals with extensive facilities, transportation, and operations experience. If you need to jump start a program, or get organized, we can provide consulting services that offer smart solutions. Our knowledge set spans:

  • eRate (involved since year-1 in 1999)
  • California Civic Center Act and SB1404
  • Facility Use Right Sizing – with the purchase of Facilities Login, we offer a right-sizing consulting service where we can provide onsite recalculation of applicable fees, provide project management of transition from manual to Facilities Login, including board meetings and community meetings.   We’ll come in and take you from where you are to a fully-vetted, approved process that takes into account your district needs and politics, so your board, public and staff are comfortable going forward.
  • LCAP (California)
  • FRISK  training (for progressive disciplinary documentation, i.e. managing staff out of organization correctly)
  • The School Facility Program
  • School Transportation
  • The Williams Settlement and Emergency Repair Program
  • Maintenance and Operations

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