Maintenance Management Software powered by Facilitron®

Manage Facilities, Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs:

Maintenance Login is a web-based facilities maintenance management software solution created to reach specific departmental objectives including increased productivity and cost reduction. It was designed in collaboration with maintenance managers from numerous California school districts. It manages departmental productivity based on key performance indicators.

Core features:

Work Orders (role-based by user type) with unlimited photos/document upload capacity, preventative maintenance profiles/shared community profiles (and scheduling feature), key tracking (both for maintenance and for school site key locker), bar code location and asset tracking, PM Plan report of Districtwide asset status by property,  inventory audit methodology using mobile device and bluetooth scanners, site maps accessible by all users, calendar of scheduled work orders, inspection work orders – used for quality of services inspections/PM’s with tasks/Williams' inspections (for California school districts), Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting captured automatically based on just the regular work flow (California Districts use this as their LCAP reporting method), tracking/reporting/exporting of related items.  Mobile compatible for paperless maintenance management models or traditional hard copy with automation for best of both.  Toll-free unlimited support included.

Ease of Use

Maintenance Login customers use a simple online form to submit maintenance work orders, which are then easily managed by maintenance administrative personnel. Each work order may be assigned to a maintenance technician with a Priority, Trade, Budget Number, Current Status, Labor Details, Material Details, and Schedule Date. These customer requests are scheduled along with automatically generated preventive work orders to ease the administrative burden of managing both types of work orders.

Effective Use Of Resources

Through Maintenance Login, all work orders land in an easy to use calendar that allows maintenance personnel to filter by campus or employee. Maintenance Login also allows grouping of work orders by location and type to maximize the technician’s efficiency. Accurate scheduling will increase average response time, reduce downtime, help eliminate unnecessary closures, and extend equipment life.

Reduction Of Costs

Accurate scheduling will increase average response time, reduce downtime, help eliminate unnecessary closures, and extend equipment life. Maintenance Login's accurate scheduling and reporting of preventive maintenance will help avoid expensive repairs. Reduce delays in scheduling, while at the same time dramatically increasing communication with your customers through automatically generated emails. Prioritize and schedule jobs to decrease windshield time while increasing productivity and efficiency. Maintenance Login is designed specifically with your operation in mind. Your data will be pre-populated into the software and guaranteed to save you time and money with proven results. Maintenance planning is completely integrated, resulting in the ability to print an annual business plan directly from the system.

Quick Implementation

Because the Maintenance Login is fully web-enabled, implementation is fast and simple with no software installation necessary. HTML or programming knowledge is not required.

The combination of maintenance work order management, reporting, and planning make Maintenance Login the ultimate, affordable facility management solution for organizations searching for an easy to use solution that helps reduce costs and optimize resources.